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The VALENTE - Advogados Associados has its origin in the law firm founded in 1996 by its partner lawyer Marina Emilia Baruffi Valente Baggio, providing legal services in all areas, whether in the form of consulting for firms and individuals, whether in the form of legal representation. The firm’s ethics has been indelibly printed by its partner-founder and still supports its activity by strict ethical, moral and legal standards, all working as a team, with effort and dedication in the pursuit of professional and personal improvement with humility and good sense for the resolution of conflicts and issues of its clients, together with an operational structure of a modern law firm. Its goal is to provide legal services with high standard of quality and excellence.

Due to globalization and aiming to reduce costs, companies, financial institutions, industries and other branches, now outsource legal services, and the VALENTE - Advogados Associados has followed this new reality and expanded its structure and multidisciplinary team of professionals to meet its Clients in the various areas of law.

Besides the extraordinary team of professionals, the firm counts on what is most advanced in terms of technology, investing in equipment and systems that enable the management of all processes in a fast, safe and reliable way, including public judicial systems available in the internet (instant access to processes, precedents, judgments), allowing Clients to visualize their processes online using a password, management system and internet business account, with its fully digitized archive. The Modern Advocacy of VALENTE in using these resources, enables the improvement of the work performed by its professionals, who obtain a high-quality and updated content to perform the work in an agile and efficient way, with surveys of doctrines contained in most respected collections or digital law books (via Internet, Intranet or Local).

With its headquarters in the city of Ribeirão Preto and branches in Bauru, São José do Rio Preto and São Paulo, all within the State of São Paulo, providing legal service to clients not only in these localities, but nationwide and internationally. The firm is a member of REDEJUR - Association of Corporate Law Firms (www.redejur.com.br), an association of over forty business law firms, which allows the Client a high standard of professional service throughout the Brazilian territory, as well as in Argentina, Belgium, Costa Rica, Spain, USA, Italy, Mozambique, Panama, Portugal, England and Uruguay, besides its partnership with the Business to Lawyers (www.b2law.com.br), ensuring its Clients the best possible service in the structuring of businesses.

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