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Areas of operation

Buscamos solucionar los problemas de nuestros clientes con eficacia y dedicación

  • The VALENTE - Advogados Associados is dedicated to the provision of legal advice to its clients on legal and ethical issues arising from activities involving biotechnology (sectors of the following areas: Biotechnology and bioethics; biotechnology and biodiversity, genetically modified organisms; genetic engineering applications biopharmaceuticals and bio-genomics; protection of genetic data, among others), with professionals specialized in bioethics and law. The biotechnological activity has developed in various sectors of the economy and civil society, among which agribusiness, food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and activities related to assisted human reproduction and research on human embryos. Knowing the importance of scientific progress, the VALENTE’s team aims to assist its clients in maximizing the benefits generated by research and biotechnology applications in accordance with law and public opinion, defending their interests, providing legal services in a preventive way both in the administrative and judicial levels.
  • Due to its extensive experience in judicial and extrajudicial conciliation, the VALENTE -Advogados Associados operates in Courts and Arbitration Courts in the most diverse forms of conflicts, including: Banking Law, Insurance Law, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law, Antitrust Law, Labor Law, Family and Succession, among others that may be necessary, in order to prevent lawsuits and resolving conflicts through agreements and transactions.
  • The VALENTE - Advogados Associados has been working for over 15 years with volume litigation of highly-rigorous clients that comprise established brands in Brazil. Request a project, know the advantages of our legal production process.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL LAW: VALENTE - Advogados Associados has a team of professionals able to provide legal assistance on various environmental issues including projects related to carbon sequestration, working with the various environmental agencies at municipal, state or federal jurisdiction, as well as State and Federal Public Prosecution Services, having advised its Clients in Conduct Adjustment Agreements and served both in the advisory phase and administrative defenses and lawsuits, including Public Civil Actions, environmental licensing, waste disposal, research projects and remediation of contaminated areas, disposal of effluents and forest management projects.

    AGRIBUSINESS: VALENTE - Advogados Associados has been focused on providing legal advice in the Brazilian Agribusiness segment in the the following areas: contracts, real estate, environmental, tax, labor and corporate law, as well as the resolution of disputes (litigation and arbitration). The expertise of its professionals also aims to give service to its Clients including farmers, agro-industries, trading companies, national and international financial institutions, and investment funds aimed at agribusiness in various operations, offering solutions for agricultural and agribusiness projects from due diligence, pre-purchase of a farm, or its economic exploitation by rural lease, rural partnership, among others, or even in the sophisticated structuring of financial transactions related to agribusiness (Rural Product Notes - CPR; Export Prepayment contracts; Certificate of Agribusiness Credit Rights - CDCA; Agribusiness Certificate of Deposit - CDA; Agricultural Warrant - WA; Agribusiness Credit Notes - LCA; Agribusiness Receivables Certificates - CRA, Agribusiness Credit Notes - NCA, among others) and formalization of guarantees commonly used in these operations (agricultural and livestock pledge, liens and mortgage of farms, fiduciary assignment of real estate credit rights, among others).
  • The professionals of VALENTE - Advogados Associados give legal advice related to banking regulation and the various contracts of this nature. By having financial institutions as clients, its team of highly qualified lawyers provides high-quality legal services in extrajudicial and judicial conflicts in several areas involving bank contracts, with over 15 years of expertize in this area.
  • Together with the team of professionals with operational and theoretical experience regarding the internal structure of other branches of law, the VALENTE - Advogados Associados has a department specialized in Sports Law and its various applications, enabling it to provide legal services in this area, not limited to legal, regulatory and strategic advice to companies and clubs operating in this sector, but to companies who want to invest in sports in general, both professional and amateur. In this area, this law firm is aimed at drawing up contracts for numerous species: - sponsorship contracts, involving clubs, athletes and sporting events in general; - contracts for sporting partnerships and licensing; - branding and merchandising - development of drafts of several contracts related to sports, such as sports labor contracts, license agreements for use of image, apprentice contracts for beginners, among others. It also acts in the formation of associations and company-clubs and / or the conformity to its laws to statutes and regulations in force, as well as in the administration of labor relations between clubs and athletes, in and out of court. It gives advice as defenders of the interests of clubs and athletes related to federations, confederations, related international organizations and their courts.
  • The VALENTE - Advogados Associados provides preventive and litigation legal advice exclusively in the defense of physicians, dentists, hospitals, clinics and others. Its team of professionals is experienced in defenses, especially in this difficult branch of Medicine and Health. The procedures that involve the performance of health professionals sometimes lead to the risk of indemnifying the patient, as well as the risk of hospitals and clinics in cases such as claim of hospital infection, which leads the team of the VALENTE - Advogados Associados in assisting its clients in a preventive way and also in litigation in administrative and judicial scopes.
  • The VALENTE - Advogados Associados in partnership with B2L - Business to Lawyers (www.b2law.com.br) has foreign clients looking forward to sell or invest in Brazil, and our legal team offers the most complete assistance in the analysis of international contracts and lending or investment operations. Our legal staff has experience in issues related to trade defense measures (anti-dumping, subsidies and safeguards) in foreign trade operations, and is partner of numerous offices outside Brazil through the REDEJUR - Association of Corporate Law Firms (www.redejur.com.br) in order to legally advise its Brazilian clients abroad.
  • The VALENTE - Advogados Associados has a team of professionals who provide legal assistance in the acquisition and sale of urban or rural real estate, rental of real estate, real estate development planning, horizontal and vertical condominiums, time-sharing, shopping centers, hotels, and any legal matter involving rights of property ownership.
  • The VALENTE - Advogados Associados guides its clients with respect to the compliance with rules relating to advertising, marketing and promotions and provide legal advice on contractual and taxation issues, consumer law and individual rights that are confronted with projects and business opportunities with the creation of strategies, risk management and legal assessments with the aim of making products, services and tools of its clients in accordance to applicable law in the areas of e-commerce, internet and new technologies. It also discusses issues related to domain names, copyright infringements, disputes over the use of trademarks and unfair competition in the electronic media, and elaborate terms of use of services, establishing partnerships and technology integrations. In lawsuits, it gives legal advises nationwide related to issues of search tools, social networks, providing online videos, among others.
  • The VALENTE - Advogados Associados has trained professionals to provide legal advice to its clients in Corporate Law, as well as legal structuring, strategic business and operations of mergers and acquisitions, with partnership with B2L - Business to Lawyers (www.b2law. com.br), providing legal advice on the purchase and sale of businesses, development of financial projects and business development, investments and projects, assisting buyers and sellers, participating from the initial stage of preparation of confidentiality agreements and letters of intent up to the due diligence of the target company in all areas of law, culminating with the preparation and negotiation of various contracts for the completion of the transaction, as summarized below:
    - Corporate advisory on acquisition, demerger, incorporation, merger, restructuring and recovery of companies (M & A);
    - Advisory in the structuring of financing transactions;
    - Strategic, corporate and tax advisory on real estate and succession planning;
    - Legal consulting for compliance with regulatory standards;
    - Complex Litigation;
    - Contracts;
    - Due diligence;
    - Preparation of drafts and opinions;
    - Legal and Strategic Management;
    - Negotiating Conflicts
  • In Tax Law, the VALENTE - Advogados Associados seeks to meet all the needs of its clients, which include issues related to consulting on taxes of any nature, at all levels (local, state and federal). The performance of VALENTE - Advogados Associados covers the consultative portion in all instances, creating tax planning strategies and litigation in the administrative and judicial instances, in the form below:
  • Aiming at achieving the goals set by its clients, the VALENTE - Advogados Associados has a team of professionals with vast experience in employment law. Its advice includes various modalities in the labor area, among them:
    Customized Preventive Consulting – aimed at providing guidance of acts and interpretation of deliberations on labor relations, providing maximum legal certainty for the client.
    Labor Litigation - Provides support in labor claims filed in court, attending hearings, preparing defenses and resources needed to achieve the best outcome for its clients, and at administrative level, it acts in collective negotiations or any other relationship with unions.
    Union relations - Provides legal assistance in collective negotiations or any other type of relationship with unions, assisting the client in the analysis of claims and preparation of collective instruments. Participates and provides legal assistance to the client in meetings and other negotiations of labor and union issues.
    Labor Audit - Through painstaking work with the client, with data collection, analysis of documents and processes related to the labor area and the working routine developed in the company, the VALENTE - Advogados Associados, acts in the correction of irregularities with recommendations for legal solutions compatible with the client's interest, but also in more complex question, such as the provision for liabilities, definition of strategic planning for the labor area and preparation, coordination and operationalization of special routines, such as those related to labor litigation (appellation court deposits and to guarantee the execution pending of survey), among others.
  • The VALENTE - Advogados Associados provides legal advise to companies regarding the protection of intellectual property rights in Brazil and the ownership of creations developed under employment and services contracts, including protection, registration, licensing and assignment of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, geographic indications, topography of integrated circuits, trade secrets, copyrights and software, with specialist lawyers with extensive experience in various intellectual property issues:
    - Preparation and negotiation of contracts involving intellectual property, including contracts for technological innovation with ICTs;
    - License of brands;
    - Transfer of technology;
    - Technical assistance and license of patents in the registration of contracts with the National Institute of Intellectual Property - INPI, as well as confidentiality and protection agreements of secretive or private data;
    - Licensing of copyright and personality rights, contracts of audiovisual co-production, dubbing, exploitation of image rights and related rights, promotion and financing of audiovisual and artistic works and record in the National Cinema Agency - ANCINE;
    - Provides legal advice to clients in actions related to the infringement of intellectual property rights, including actions to combat piracy and parallel imports, border measures and search and seizure.
  • The VALENTE - Advogados Associados has a team of professionals specialized in the subject of business recovery. Our advisory can be given in various areas related to the subject and also under the extrajudicial scope and in the judicial process, so as to meet creditors or debtors to attempt recovery.
    This advisory includes enterprise restructuring, acting since the renegotiation of labor liabilities with banks and suppliers with the aim of extending and splitting out payments in accordance with the cash flow of the company, when the total debt is not significant in relation to billing; up to the assessment and preparation for judicial recovery, with the verification of its accounting and economic-financial situation, as well as the development, implementation and monitoring of economic and operational plans of judicial recovery in order to resume productive capacity and promote the maintenance of direct and indirect jobs. Its professionals have the expertise to promote the provision of credit in situations of bankruptcy and judicial recoveries, present objections and challenges to recovery plans with the aim of facilitating the receipt of amounts subject to judicial recovery, bankruptcy, as well as post-petition claims.
    Its professionals also provide legal advice to investors interested in assets of companies in financial difficulty, under judicial recovery, out-of-court reorganization or assets pertaining to the insolvency estate, involving risk analysis, preparation of contracts, negotiation and development of legal structures and recovery plans that can facilitate the investment.
  • The VALENTE -Advogados Associados has a team of highly trained professionals to assist companies in the sector of information technology in its various legal needs, including contractual issues, litigation, labor issues, among others. With experience in the elaboration and negotiating of distribution agreements, software license, services, support and maintenance contracts, service levels agreements, software development, implementation, supply of hardware, as well as legal advice relating to obtaining permission to manufacture IT products within the Basic Productive Process.

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